One of The Worst Thing: Caught for lies

[Genie; OH! Big Fat Liar]

Everyone knows

Grumpy Man- STFU

Olden Days

telling lies is not good. But when it comes with

teachers, we mostly preferr

ed to it instead of punishment.

But I will warn you; take a deep breathe and blow out the truth.

I want to share my WORST experience with my lie. Probably I’m a good Liar, Or you may say “one of the best”. But when it comes with all my silly friends around me, I got caught :’).

Monday, 4th period: English

We were taught to bring our Coarse-Book. But I didn’t find it in my bag. Our teacher enters the the class and after we wish “morning”, my friends, Dr.Doof, Mr.Sunshine and I VilEay_oyBay stand still, ’cause we did not bring our text books: after a short silence, Mrs.Guitar rose from her seat and joined the clan. Everyone burst out laughing and our teacher asked for reasons…

Teacher:[Looks at Mrs.Guitar]Why?

Mrs.Guitar:I forgot

Teacher:[Looks at Mr.Sunshine]Why?

Mrs.Sunshine: I forgot

Teacher:[Looks at Dr.Doof]Why?

Dr.Doof:I lost

Finally it was my turn: 1st, I don’t want to look like a loser. 2nd, I wanna’ take a chance. So,

Teacher:[Looks at Me]Why?

I:[with much confidence]I study Grammar last Saturday and i left it at my table.

Teacher was convinced with all those studying, I guess. But I was wrong…

Teacher:[Takes up her text]Go stand at the back of the class and do not disturb anyone.

We all went back and after 15 minutes of explaining, she made us sit for we are taking notes.

And than the trouble came out of nowhere

Our HuanGTauzZ_Wrestler called from the left and passed me a book with a soft grin. When I look at it, it was by Coarse Book. I can’t help. So, I bent down the table and laughed. Our teacher was very curious and asked what was it, I show the book and looked at me with an eye full of chillies.

Teacher raised the wrestler from her seat and ask, “What is it?”. The Wrestler told her that she found my book in the next class that very morning.

I turn red as a cute little tomato. The last thing I remember after that was that I was so happy that the subject period was finally over. I know not, what to say.

Even till today, I can still smell that embarrassment in me. But guess what, I turned away and said, “How dare she!”. Just let the high school time pass. It’s from where we make our memories.

But overall, lying is never the best thing: Take a deep breathe, hold it there and blow out the truth.

                                 ‘Cause that’s how KeraLan C’s!!